Abiy Ahmed speech 2020 – 2021

Abiy Ahmed speech 2020 – 2021

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The people who pay their charges enduringly are holy people of our country. In any case, it should not have been only 200 associations in any case thousands who should be redressed. Manhandling Ethiopia in any way should be ended. I request that our submitted resident’s fight degradation however much they faithfully follow through on charges. Well done to those apparent today.

prime minister Abiy Ahmed

In our undertakings to manufacture a solid and exploration-based political culture, the political discourse stages continued in the previous, not many weeks have been useful. In our gathering today with ideological group pioneers, we consented to proceed with the discourse stages in resulting meetings investigating different tropical regions.

Visited the field medical clinic set up to hold up to 200 serious Coronavirus patients, which will begin accepting patients today. With expanding a number of serious cases, the field clinic is an ideal treatment place expansion.


Visited the field hospital set up to hold up to 200 severe covid patients, which will commence receiving patients today. With an increasing number of severe cases, the field hospital is a timely treatment center addition.


Today we have authoritatively initiated paperless traditions administration. The administration has multifaceted advantages for our nation. It likewise assumes a basic function to fortify our economy by modernizing the administration and empowering worldwide ventures. We will keep actualizing mechanically progressed administration arrangements in all areas.

While our cultivating region really demands concentrated modernization and advancement, we have been acquiring striking ground to extra develop our characteristics. Fulfilled to have shared some critical pieces of information at the African Green Revolution Forum worked with for the current year by President Paul Kagame. Continued with public endeavors with overhauled private region support, particularly in development and headway will moreover fuel our progression.

At the start of this Ethiopian new year, I am enchanted to eat with the older, the crippled, and the destitute kids and youth of our city. In 2013, I approach all Ethiopians to think about the weakest segments of our social orders. Supporting and empowering each other, we will flourish!


Incredible work that Deborah Foundation is doing in improving the lives of Ethiopian youth with mental inabilities. I was satisfied to visit with the adolescent at the beginning of today and wish them a Happy New Year.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has taken on the role of a traffic policeman in an unusual way and controls the traffic in Addis Ababa Square
Abiy Ahmed
One of our key achievements in the previous two and half years is the telecom area change exercises, which have been fixated on the administration’s focal point of building up the area as a feature of the local monetary change plan. I met at the beginning of today with key partners in the area to request criticism on the telecom advancement and halfway privatizations exercises that have been in progress.

Difficulties exist not to cause us to wilt away but rather to test our purpose and assurance. No nation was created on little musings. As another year anticipates us, let us dream greater and work much harder. Upbeat Sunday Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed
There is a lot to gain from nature and trees that encompass us. Step-by-step instructions to be solid however stay adaptable; to be quiet and established; to apparently remain solitary over the ground, yet realize that roots underneath are joined together and entwined. Have a confident Sunday #Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed
I’m exceptionally enlivened and intrigued by the resolute men and ladies dealing with the Meskel Square venture for as long as not many months. Drawing in around 5,000 laborers all through the undertaking stage, the drive to finishing is pointed toward making the noteworthy square a top-notch site.

Abiy Ahmed
Congrats @Akin_Adesina on your re-appointment as President of @AfDB_Group. I have almost certainly that you will keep accomplishing incredible work for the improvement of the landmass in your subsequent term. #Africa’s predetermination is thriving through solidarity.

Abiy Ahmed
I get up each day and I see unlimited possibilities. Unseen resources and potential in our #Ethiopia, that withholding hands and earnest objectives, we can use to lift one another. These days, I saw this potential in the woodlands of Suba Menagesha. Imagine what we could do together in this space.

Abiy Ahmed
Satisfied to have met with Lt. General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council. Our conversations focused on the main points of contention of enthusiasm for the two nations.

The obligations of our memorable ties are tough. I reaffirmed Ethiopia’s solidarity with Sudan to Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok in our conversations today in Khartoum. Our pledge to financial combination, joint advancement, and territorial soundness stay, as we investigate the bountiful occasions to upgrade our reciprocal ties.

Diinni nuti waraannu diina doronyoo Itoophiyaa ta’edha. Juntichi seenaa keessatti tarii garee aangoo siyaasaa argateen biyya mataasaa diiguuf itti fayadame isa jalqabaati. Seexanni waliin jiraate dafee hin buqqa’u akkuma jedhamu bitaafi mirgaan dhidhiitachuunsaa hin hafu.
Juntichi garuu haala mirkanaa’een akka deeebi’ee hin biqille ta’ee ni buqqifama.
Kunis kan ta’u yoo hundi keenya aramaa boccichaa buqqisuuf tumsinedha. Adeemsichaa keessa asittis ta’e achitti namoonni dhuunfaa dogoggoruu danda’u. Odeeffannoowwan yaada qoqqoodan dhagahamuu danda’u. Galmaan tokko taanee garaagarummaan adeemsaa walfalmii uumuu danda’a ta’a.
Waan fedhe ta’us galma keenyaarraa nu hin maqsiisu. Ijoolleen Itoophiyaa golee afranirraayyuu karoora juntichaa doomsuuf ka’aniiru. Kun mataansaa injifannoodha. Ijoolleen Itoophiyaa diinnisaanii eenyu akka ta’e adda baasaniiru. Isas maal gochuu akka qaban beekaniiru. Sanas ni raawwatu.
Humnootiin tokkummaan keenya kun isaan sodaachise waan nuqoqqooda isaanitti fakkaate hunda ni raawwatu. Ija keenya isaanirraa kaafnee lammiilee mataa keenyaarra akka buufannu shira ni raawwatu. Gonkumaa kana hin goonu.
Tokkummaan amma uumne shira durii juntichaa kan diige, itti aanseemmoo abbaa shirichaa kan diigu, dhumarrattis biyya shirichi itti xaxame tokkummaadhaan kan haaromsudha.
Humni Raayyaa Ittisaa keenyaafi humnootiin naannolee bakka isaaniif malu qabachaa jiru. Sana jeequuf tuttuqaan ni jiraata. Sanaafimmoo waraana dhaabuu ofii keenya waadaa seenne kabajaa deebiin malu ni kennamaafi.
Maal, maaliif, attamitti, yoomiifi eessatti maal gochuu akka qabnu karoora cimaa qabna. Bu’aasaa yeroo muraasa keessatti firris ta’e diinni ni arga. Raayyaan keenya barbaachisaa yeroo ta’u ergama afaan nama qabachiisuuf qophaa’eera.
Akka aramaan sun buqqa’u goonee ni hojjenna. Wayita aramicha buqqifnu garuu, akka qamadiisaa hin miine ofeeggannoo danda’amu hunda ni goona.
Biyya keenyatti aramaan daboodhaan buqqa’a. Ijoolleen Itoophiyaas kana gochaa jiru.
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