Amhara forces retaken Alamata



Amhara forces retaken Alamata

TPLF powers had moved through a few Raya towns, including Korem, Alamata, Chercher, and Waja, after the Ethiopian military was requested to leave Raya. Subsequent to experiencing weighty setbacks in Korem, TPLF caught Alamata town without a battle.

The next day, on Wednesday, Amhara powers have refocused and dispatched a counteroffensive. Inside a couple of hours, they had the option to stop the progressing TPLF powers from catching the town of Kobo and have constrained them back to Alamata. Overnight, Amhara powers entered Alamata town, and toward the beginning of today, they are planning to remove the final TPLF powers from Raya by reclaiming the town of Korem.

Ethiopian Defense Forces (ENDF) under the order of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have assumed no part in the fight to liberate Raya from TPLF