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Tel: 8980 | +251115570167
P.O.Box: 12638
Fax: +251115570136
Swift Code: AWINETAA

1. Foundation

The Bank has successfully divided its clients into various significant client bunches that reflect comparable ascribes among clients in each gathering. The objective of sectioning clients is to conclude how to identify with clients in each fragment so as to amplify an incentive for every client. HNIs/UHNIs is among these client sections which has their own particular item/administration needs that the Bank routinely distinguishes and conveys proper items and serves to meet the holes adequately.

2. Destinations

To give selective and separated altered lines of money related administrations that best location the necessities HNI/UHNI customers;

Making the Bank the essential bank for these HNI clients.

3. Items and Services Proposed for its HNIs/UHNIs Customers

These new incentives to HNI/UHNI;

The new incentives are customized and custom-made arrangements equipped at meeting the one of a kind needs of the HNIs/UHNIs, who incline toward customized banking administrations

The Bank offers these items HNIs/UHNIs utilizing its;

Cutting edge advanced innovation,

devoted RMs

Different settings

These conveyance approaches help to offer the types of assistance to customers who typically request advantageous, made sure about and quicker administrations without trading off quality, by profoundly lessening the turnaround time.

The bank gives HNIs/UHNIs with a full range of administrations, including particular loaning, stores, unfamiliar cash trade administrations, and different arrangements.

4. Significant Building Blocks AB’s Private Banking

4.1. Comfort

To give HNIs/UHNIs solace and effortlessness;

Advanced Banking Services permits customers to secure and helpful admittance to their assets to execute from anyplace, whenever.

Entryway step banking administrations

Admittance to an Automatic overdraft limit/momentary credit offices on their unique sparing record

Admittance to Overdraft Protection office

4.2. Elite and Differentiated

Admittance to arranged and particular loaning and store terms

Admittance to special unfamiliar cash needs

4.3. Customized Services

Committed RM to distinguish their requirements and give them benefits as needs are

5. Target Customers

The Individuals that meet the scope of HNI/UHNI rules characterized by the Bank, including;

Salaried people,

independently employed experts,

Ostracizes of Ethiopian Nationalities,

Non-Resident Ethiopians and other comparative clients

and so forth

6. Kinds of Products and Services offered by the Bank for HNIs/UHNIs

Credit Solutions

Other Value Propositions for HNI/UHNI

Money/Check get/conveyance from/at the client’s doorstep.

Bank ensures office.

Need Services at Branches

Conveyance of approaching Swift office at a helpful spot and on request.

Conveyance of unfamiliar cash for HNI/UHNI voyagers whenever it might suit them/premises

Committed Relationship Manager with different incentives.

Welcome program for HNI back to home at the air terminal and giving get administrations to and from the air terminal,

Protected, Reliable, and adaptable computerized channels banking administrations

Special/need on Forex administrations for adequate travel to abroad at spot selling rates.

Need and simple admittance to brokers check/CPO and different instruments

Need on accessible Safe box for rental

7. Web-based Banking Services

Customers can play out a wide scope of banking exercises through a cell phone or pc, including:

Admittance to every minute of everyday banking by means of on the web, ATM, and versatile financial channels

Profoundly decreases the time needed to visit branches

Rapidly address customers’ issues with comfort and more noteworthy exactness.

8. Non-Financial Services to HNI/UHNI offered by Awash Bank

  • Committed RM
  • Warning Services alien – HNI/UNHIs
  • Give alien – HNI/UNHIs customers who intend to put resources into Ethiopia data about
  • Prompting on Debt or Equity Sources
  • Admittance to business workshops and courses

A committed day in and day outcall place for all inquiries.