Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam GERD



Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam GERD

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam GERD

The Minister of Water Irrigation and Energy Minister, Dr. Seleshi Bekele has expressed that the supply of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has reached an overtopping water level.

Dr. Seleshi noticed that the approaching stream goes through both base outlets and overtopping.

“This year likewise we are encountering outrageous precipitation in the Abbay Basin (Blue Nile Basin). Therefore, the GERD repository has filled quickly” he clarified.

GERD is an Ethiopian hydropower dam and watchman foundation resource for the downstream nations against environmental change. It is likewise a way to grow further and succeed together, it can never be a treat, Dr. Seleshi noted.

“The following achievement for GERD development is to understand the early age in the following not many months. Congrats to individuals of Ethiopia” he added.