Job Title: Team Leader

Company: VNG International

Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline: March 1, 2022

About VNG International
VNG International is the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) and has been laid out in 1993. Being important for VNG, one of the most established and most grounded neighborhood government relationship on the planet, our underlying foundations in nearby government are profound. Through ventures and projects in 45 nations yearly all things considered, we give institutional limit improvement intercessions to neighborhood government specialists, their public affiliations, government preparing organizations and public government offices and decentralization teams.

Our portfolio is financed through an assortment of contributors, including the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign, EU organizations, World Bank, and other public and multilateral foundations. Our administrative center is situated in The Hague, utilizing around 57 individuals, while our girl organization International Development Center for Innovative Local Governance (CILG) is situated in Tunis.

We are effectively engaged with worldwide and European promotion organizations of nearby government specialists, neighborhood government affiliations, and in foundation of improvement offices on administration programming. Our interesting profile empowers us is to cross-prepare and to offer types of assistance for clients which better suit the requirements of the recipients. “Neighborhood government” is important for our personality: we are of, for, and along with nearby state run administrations.

Point of this task
The Team Leader (TL) is situated in Addis Ababa and will be allocated for the period through May 2023 (An expansion until mid-2024 is conceivable dependent upon accessibility of assets).

The TL guarantees that the Management Agency (MA) in Addis Ababa carries out the program in accordance with World Bank rules and strategies, the venture’s Terms of Reference and the endorsed project records (specialized proposition and yearly work plans and spending plans).

The TL’s central job is to give administrative and specialized bearing to the perplexing cluster of assignments in the ESAP3 program, and to guarantee that venture staff are upheld sufficiently and ready to do their individual jobs proficiently.

The TL administers and effectively advances the inner limit improvement of ESAP MA staff, including the assignment of obligation and authority of chosen errands.

The TL is answerable for the general conveyance of the ESAP3 yields and guarantees quality principles are stuck to.

Activities to be performed

Main activities include but are not limited to:

  • Management of the MA office in Addis Ababa.
  • Supervise and coordinate all aspects of the MA’s implementation of ESAP3:
    o Updated terms of reference of project staff and external experts
    o Selection and recruitment of staff
    o Overall planning and reporting
    o Supervises, coordinates and supports the MA teams: Capacity Development, Grant Management, MEL, Financial Management, Internal Audit, Operations and Communications.
    o Procurement of services, goods and works (as required)
    o Overall communication and visibility (e.g. website), including PR of ESAP3 throughout Ethiopia
  • Ensure effective communications with all project partners, including the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the World Bank, the Steering Committee (SC) and development partners (DPs) participating in the ESAP3 Trust Fund
  • Work closely with other ESPES program implementing agencies and development partners to ensure programmatic coherence.
  • Liaise with ESPES components such as FTA and GRM and other relevant government and citizen engagement projects.
  • Maintain strong collaboration with the VNG International home-office and establish clear policies on delegation and decentralization
  • Coordinates ESAP representation at joint review and implementation sessions (JRIS), technical committee meetings and other forums. As much as possible, delegates the responsibility to represent ESAP to national staff.
  • Ensure a strongly coherent work approach within the MA with free communication and information sharing across the various units.

Verifiable deliverables

The TL has direct responsibility for the timely delivery to VNG International of:

  • Annual Work Plan and Budget
  • Strategy updates
  • Quarterly Program Progress and Financial Reports
  • Any other report or document that requires no-objection from the WB.

Reporting Lines

  • The TL is the day-to-day representative of the MA in Ethiopia vis-à-vis the SC, WB, MoF, DPs and other stakeholders.
  • The TL reports to the ESAP Program Director at VNG International Headquarters.

Minimum qualifications

  • University degree; a master’s degree in an appropriate field preferred;
  • Over 10 years of experience as TL or project director of a complex project;
  • Excellent management skills (including reporting, planning and team management);
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Knowledge and understanding of SA/citizens participation/local governance, or the potential to quickly acquire related knowledge;
  • Understanding of civil society organisations, preferably in Ethiopia;
  • At least 8 years of proven experience of working with local government and service providers;
  • At least 8 years of experience in Sub Sahara Africa, preferably in Ethiopia;
  • Excellent mediation and moderating skills;
  • Thorough experience with managing grant programs;
  • Good working knowledge of English; and
  • Pro-active and outspoken, with the ability to navigate diplomatically through the complex network of stakeholders and competing interests.

Approximate numbers of working days

Approximately 220 working days over the period between March 2022 – May 2023.

Period of the assignment

March 2022 – May 2023 (with a possible extension, depending on the contract between the World Bank and its back donors).

Place of the assignment

Addis Ababa with frequent missions to the regions.

The TL will be available for missions to The Hague, the Netherlands for reporting and briefing sessions with VNG International Headquarters.

How to Apply

Deadline for applications: March 1st 2022 with:

  • Update resume
  • Cover letter
  • 3 relevant references

For questions regarding this assignment you can contact:



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