What is telebirr service?
  • telebirr is a digital cash that enables you access a variety of financial services at ease, with convenience at the tip of your fingers using your mobile phone without the need to have a bank account.
  • It enables cashless payments, which reduces dependency on cash and allows tracking of transaction records. This increases financial security and reduces inherent risks of cash handling such as loss, theft or fraud.
  • telebirr platform is accessible via most basic mobile phones.
  • It helps you purchase goods & services online
What makes telebirr different from Airtime top up?
  • Airtime is used to purchase only telecom services, whereas telebirr e-money is a payment instrument that can be used to effect telecom and non-telecom payments, send and receive money, and many other things.
  What can I do with telebirr? With telebirr you can deposit, receive, transfer, pay money and receive international remittance using your mobile number digitally.
  • It allows you to make payments at shops/convenient stores, purchase goods and services online/remotely
  • It enables you to transfer money locally, even when there are no banks in the nearby area and to the people who are geographically inaccessible.
  • It doesn’t require intermediaries for money transfers anymore.
  • It avoids long travel and queue to send/receive money or to pay bills.
  • It enables you to buy telecom services (airtime, package)
  • It provides you credit services to buy airtime and package services.
  • It enables you withdraw physical cash at nearby agents, ethio telecom shops or transfer to your bank account.